Caribbean Telephone Area Codes

Islands of the Caribbean and Western Atlantic

A compendium of all the telephone area codes of the Caribbean and nearby Atlantic countries, as well as the various applicable service codes. Some islands use NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration), the same system used in the United States and Canada. You dial using the (xxx) xxx-xxxx format i.e (242) 555-1212 would be a number in the Bahamas. Other islands have their own country code designation and you dial 011 , then the two or three digit country code, then the local phone number, which often includes a city code. An example for Aruba would be 011 297 586 2283.

Recent Changes to be Aware of: area codes 829 and 849 have been put into use in the Dominican Republic. The Netherlands Antillies island of Sint Maarten will be changing to NANPA area code 721 from its current international code 599 effective 9/3/2011.

Islands Using NANPA Area Codes
CodeLocation ( Area ) or Function
242 Bahamas
246 Barbados
264 Anguilla
268 Antigua / Barbuda
284 British Virgin Islands
311 Non-Emergency Access
340 US Virgin Islands
345 Cayman Islands
411 Local Directory Assistance
441 Bermuda, Atlantic Ocean
473 Grenada
611 Repair Service
649 Turks & Caicos Islands
664 Montserrat
758 St. Lucia
767 Dominica
784 St. Vincent & the Grenadines
787,939 Puerto Rico
800 800 Service
809,829,849 Dominican Republic
811 Business Office
855 Toll-Free Expansion
866 Toll-Free Expansion
868 Trinidad and Tobago
869 St. Kitts & Nevis
876 Jamaica
877 Toll-Free Expansion
880 PAID-800 Service
881 PAID-888 Service
882 PAID-877 Service
888 800 Services Expansion
900 900 Service
911 Emergency
Islands Using International Country Codes
CodeLocation ( Area )
297 Aruba
501 Belize
509 Haiti
53 Cuba
53 Guantanamo Bay
590 St. Barthelemy
596 Martinique
599 Curacao/St.Maarten
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