HTML Color Chart Reference and Identifier Tool

for RGB (Red,Green,Blue) Web Colors Selection

The background color in each cell corresponds to the color code shown within that cell.

Each color code consists of the concatenation of the hexadecimal (base-16 or hex) representations of the RGB component values for the color shown. The first two digits are the red value, the next two are the green value, and the final two are the blue value. Use the numbers corresponding to the color you want in your CSS stylesheets and HTML markup. For example, FF9900 represents a red value of FF (255 decimal), a green value of 99 (153 decimal) and a blue value of 00 (0 decimal).

We also have created the 32-bit Windows utility Pixel Probe, which identifies the color code of the pixel your cursor is located over. Just scroll down the page to see the complete description.

HTML Color Chart of "Named" HTML Colors

HTML color chart

HTML Colour Chart Incremented by 33 Hex for Each RGB Primary Color (Colour) Component

For conversion from Hex to RGB decimal values
00h=0, 33h=51, 66h=102, 99h=153, CCh=204 and FFh=255.
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Pixel Probe Color Identifier Tool

FREE Offer: You can download a free copy our "pixel probe" color picker utility for 32-bit Windows Operating Systems at the link below. This utility lets you move your mouse over a pixel on the screen, and shows you the hexadecimal HTML color code for that pixel. Just the thing for identifying that nifty color you want for your latest web page. Pixel Probe will be downloaded in a ZIP format, if you need a program to unzip it, you can get a free ZIP/UnZIP utility at It's a nice complement to our HTML color selector table .

Download Pixel Probe

Pixel Probe HTML colour identifier tool

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